In 2019 the Russian bookmakers passed in favor of the development of the sport of 5 billion rubles

According to the results of the last year the amount of the sponsorship agreement between the Russian BC and sports organizations of various levels reached 5 billion rubles. The data were published in the specialized press conference.

 Press Conference “Rating Bookies” was held in the online mode, its main object was to study the outcome of the betting market in Russia 2019/2020. As part of the meeting was given statistics, defined in terms of growth industry with the need to recover from the devastating effects of the quarantine. It was also released some projections regarding the future of the segment.

 By the way, BC “Olympus”, according to a court decision, has been deprived of legal protection of the brand, the details – here.

 Expected – the most promising and attractive cooperation for BC were announced partnership agreements with representatives of football organizations. Note also that all the clubs represented in the RPL, have sponsored an agreement with representatives of sports betting. At the same time to work with the bookmakers also attached representatives of the FNL. Contracts are already in “Baltika”, “Rotor” and “Torpedo”.

 The important thing is that despite all the difficulties faced by Russian BC in recent months, no company announced the termination of the sponsorship contracts.

 Recall that the size of the average rates increased in relation to that of 2017. Details – in the material.

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